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"My hits are
going through the roof..."

Aren't those the words you'd like to hear coming out of your mouth??

It is possible. With a highly defined strategy and a little patience, results are guaranteed. You read it right: GUARANTEED. YOU WANT PROOF?


What kind of results you ask?

We start out by determining exactly where you now stand on a variety of search engines. Then we seed your pages with appropriate keywords/phrases in the RIGHT PLACES and the RIGHT NUMBER OF TIMES.

Then we meticulously submit your key pages to all the major search engines (SE's) with the aid of highly advanced software.

We then do a follow up within several weeks and compare your standings.

We also use a sophisticated activity tracker that tells us which search engines are being used to find your site(s) and exactly which keywords were used.

We compare data from both sources to identify visitors that came to your site as a direct result of our efforts.

And it works.

Click on the icons to the right to see pop-up sample tracking data, and sample monthly activity reports.

Click icons above for PDF's of Activity Reports

Click icons above for pop-up of Tracking Stats

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