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ShopSite Hosting Packages

Server with 100 MB Disk Space $29.95/mo.
Server with 300 MB Disk Space $49.95/mo.
Server with 600 MB Disk Space $79.95/mo.

Server with 1.25 GB Disk Space $124.95/mo.

ShopSite Hosting Features

Server Platform

  • Red Hat Linux O/S
  • 100/300/1250 MB disk space
  • 10/20/50/100 anonymous and non-anonymous FTP accounts
  • No additional bandwidth usage charges
  • Daily data backup


  • 10/20/50/100 POP/IMAP accounts
  • 10/20/50/100 e-mail aliases and autoresponders
  • Webmail web-based e-mail application


  • Intel Dual Pentium III CPU
  • 1024 MB ECC Viking memory
  • Dual 80 GB user volume
  • 2 "Ultra SCSI 2" disk I/O channels


  • Red Hat Linux
  • Apache 2.0 Web Server
  • FTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP servers
  • Extensive collection of add-on applications


  • Daily data backup
  • Potentially insecure programs are disabled or removed
  • Firewall and antivirus applications
  • Anti-spam software


Are you ready?

Is your company ready for the next Internet Wave?

Let South Coast Web help your company get ready to e-transform your business!!!

"South Coast Web really went the extra mile to make sure our new site looked great and worked exactly like we needed it to. I felt like I was their only customer and I had the support and freedom to put together a site I could really be proud of."

Brandon Martin,
General Manager

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